Cal Werner (25 Dec 2016)
"2017 ? or there about"

Dear Doves,

There are a number of reasons to look at 2017 for the possible fulfillment of our redemption and His coming that is nigh.  I just received a very interesting one. 

Our family just Re - Viewed (Watched) "The Hiding Place" movie with Corrie ten Boom on good old VHS.  By re-introduction, Corrie was incarcerated along with her family members for aiding and hiding jews from the Nazi's in WW2 Holland.  Before her death, Corrie was sometimes used prophetically by the Lord.  During the movie. a scene is developed where the actor playing Corrie shares information with another member of the underground.  The information are 3 lines of numbers written on her hand.  The first line of numbers is "2 0 1 7".  Could Corrie have been unknowingly used by the Holy Spirit to be telling us something?

Other recent signs. 
* 2016 with 6 supermoons and the super duper moon in november.
* the geo-political situation set up with the election of Trump - Pence
* the war cabinet being forwarded by President elect Trump and how this could fit in with prophecies from David Wilkerson, AA Allen, Dimitri Duduman, light also of the Syrian situation and Israeli involvement.
* the on going deteriorating situation with Russia, especially the recent assassinations.

The following makes reference to earlier posts by many on 5 doves.  Pulling together various threads to produce a composite.
1. September 11, 2001 new york.  As explained by Jonathan Cahn, an event the Spirit of the Lord used as a major warning sign.
the shemitah count that Jonathan gives puts us now close to a shemitah/Jubilee
2. Strawberry Moon June 2016 last seen in1967.
3. Blood red Moons - Mark Biltz discovery and timing to events surrounding geographical Israel, particularily 1967 and 1948.
4. 2300 years from Daniel 8.  333 BC to 1967 AD when Jerusalem came under full Jewish control.  A banner event from the Lord that he wants us to pay attention to.
5. the 1968 prophecy from the Norwegian Lady - 4th wave fulfilled.  WW3 and Jesus return next.
6. Nathan, the Israeli lad, and his experience.  Fall 2015 already saw WW3 beginning in process.
7. June 7, 2016 saw the 49th anniversary of the regaining of earthly Jerusalem.  June 8th, 2016 is the beginning of the 50th year.
Is this a Jubilee and the Year of Restoration?  I pray it is.