Kevin N (28 Dec 2014)
"2015-2016 (not 2017) is the next Jubilee Year"

There are many fine posts on correctly calculating the Jubilee year, so I won't go into all the detail.  There are two basic things to remember when calculating the Jubilee:                                    

1. The 50th year (the Jubilee) is also the first year of a new Jubilee cycle and is the only way that the Shemitah years (every 7th year of rest and release) can stay in sync with the Jubilee cycle.
2. The Jubilee years overlap our years, beginning and ending in the fall.

Because 1917 was the year that the Balfour declaration and the liberation of Jerusalem from Moslem rule and 1967 was the year Jerusalem was returned to Jewish rule, many make the following miscalculation to find the next Jubilee year: 1917+50=1967+50=2017.

The proper way to calculate the next jubilee year is as follows:
Fall1917-fall1918+49 years=fall1966-fall1967+49years=fall2015-fall2016

This is also the only method in which the Balfour Declaration (November 2, 1917), the liberation of Jerusalem (December 11,1917), and the capture of the Old city of Jerusalem  (June 6,1967) can fall within the actual Jubilee year. Incorrectly adding 50 years to November/December 1917 puts the Jubilee beginning in the fall of 1967, which means that the recapture of Jerusalem in June 1967 occurs before the Jubilee begins. If you go back 50 years from June 1967, instead of 49, then both the Balfour Declaration and the liberation of Jerusalem occur after the Jubilee ends in fall 2017.

Also, Jonathan Cahn has laid out the Shemitah years to the exact day and those cycles are 2000-2001,2007-2008, and 2014-2015. Then comes the Jubilee of 2015-2016, in perfect succession.  The puzzle pieces fit too perfectly to be a coincidence!
Kevin N.