Judith (28 Dec 2014)
"Haggai 2:19 - From This Day I Will Bless You"

In my Calendar Study I have as the dates for Jesus' birth being Sept. 4/5, 4242.5 on
the 360/day calendar and Sept. 10/11, 4181.5 on the 365.25/day calendar. (see...........


Also, I've shown the significance of 194 years - (see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Haggai 2:19 - "From This Day I Will Bless You" = November 24 -

Haggai 2:18 says......From this day on, from this twenty-fourth day of the ninth month...".
For this study "this day" would be November 24 on the 360/day calendar.

The gestation period is 280 days.  From November 24, 4241 on the 360/day + 280 days =
September 4/5, 4242.   Those same dates on the 365.25/day = December 4/5, 4180 + 280
days = September 10/11,  4181 - both dates arriving at the birth of Jesus.

Further on in the calendar study I've discussed the possibility of the tribulation starting
on September 9/10, 6288 on the 360/day which would be  April 19/20, 6198 (our April
19/20, 2015) on the 365.25/day.  April 19/20 was the date Israel left Mt. Sinai for the
Promise Land.  

Adding 7 years + the additional 75 days of Daniel to September 9/10 = NOVEMBER
24/25, 6295 or 6.9 years + 75 days to the April 19/20, 6198 = July 3/4, 6205 (July 3/4,
2022) on the 365.25/day.


The Rapture can happen any time soon, so be looking up!  

If the Rapture were to happen now there would be approx. 4 mos. before the beginning
of the Tribulation.  I believe there needs to be a period of time for Moses and Elijah to
call out and prepare the 144,000 for their 31/2 yr. ministry.  Three to four months would
be a reasonable amount of time for their education and preparation.  

If, for instance, the Rapture were to occur today, i.e. Dec. 28, 2014, and the tribulation
would then begin April 20, that would be approx. 4 months away.  Dec. 28 would on
the 365.25/day would = May 17/18 on the 360/day which was the date of the 1st Trump
of God - when God came down on Mt. Sinai.  Dec. 28 is also the date on the 365.25/day
when Israel crossed the Red Sea - which was on the third day after leaving Egypt.

Be looking up. His coming is soon!