Charles (28 Dec 2014)
"Christianity not a religion"


Being a follower of Christ is not a religion a denomination it is a matter of a fearful realization that The Word is right we have all fallen short of Gods glory. That we cannot right ourselves with God through the flesh. That with a sorrowful repentant change of heart we acknowledge the truth we need a savior and that the Lord Jesus Christ is who He said the Son of God.

That we are to worship in truth and spirit not vain tradition religion does not lead to saving faith that James said show me your faith and I will show you my works that I may show my faith. Works apart from faith is vanity. Faith that Bears not fruit unto repentance to salvation is not faith. Because if we truly believe in Jesus and His word it will convict a change in our spirit that is we will put on the spirit of truth and seek from then on through the peer of Christs blood to walk as He did in this world.

Religion is not faith vanity of the works of men or tradition is not faith a building or denomination is not faith. Saving faith is our conviction that the Word is truth and to abide in it and do all things through faith in Christ following Him alone not seeking mans wisdom but that from Above.