Charles (28 Dec 2014)
"Understand The Truth"


As I sit here in this world I struggle with this fact. The wisest man to live Salomon said much knowledge brings much sorrow. The truth is most people and many Christians professed prefer others define the truth in a soothing way then feel that sorrow. For the time shall come when they do not endure sound doctrine but hire unto themselves hirelings to tickle and soothe their ears. The pastor is few and far between that preaches repentance and warns of coming judgement and the need to watch that time is short and our focus should be above looking up while the whole world looks down.

I am not wise in myself any insight I long have come to understand comes from God through His Holy word and a humbled spirit to receive it. The fact is fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom that leads to a repentant heart seeking a forgiving savior and a just righteous King through the word of truth. The modern seeker gospel and modern watered down translations remove the stick for a processed carrot.

I also know that worldly sorrow brings a worldly end where Godly repentance brings eternal life. God has to call convict lead and sanctify we all walked in ignorance. He saves the Gift of seeking and loving the truth of Jesus more then the lies of the world saves. The problem is to walk in the truth means to come out of the lie. The error for example in the day with all the signs clearly in the open most people as they shop and eat and drink and all totally do not see Christ soon coming on their radar. Those that do have an all pan out don't have to watch attitude or we can't know so why bother dismissing of the signs.

But the fact is the word says we are to walk in the light of the Word not the vanity of the world that says from the beginning all continues on they willfully forget Noah and Sodom. The Red Sea did part! They found pharaohs men at the bottom.

I know why because from the second your born it's a Truman show. You are told to be proud in your works, surrounded by the traditions of your fathers past down, integrated into a society that spends more time in front of a tv or electronic reality then outside looking up. If churched we follow doctrine and tradition and few transition to a need for more the religion check is marked and on we go.

The little inner cry in our spirit to come to Jesus must be planted by God watered nurtured and conceived for us to even desire the truth. When we realize the truth of the whole Gospel that God is a Spirit and must be worshiped in truth and spirit and seeks such to that true religion undefiled is to visit the sick help the homeless and to come out of the work eat shop repeat sole reason for our existence we begin to watch to see Christ soon coming to read the word to warn and in sorrow realize our own inequity and need of a savior and the worlds need of redemption.

You also see the judgement and the fact that the condemnation is right after John 3:16 that most men loved darkness rather then light because their deeds were evil and would not come to the Light. Until you realize that dying on the cross with Jesus and rising to new life with Him is more then a suggestion but a turn in direction towards the light you cannot see the darkness and walk thinking its light.

The most amazing thing is occurring those watching and seeking truth are all seeing the books being unsealed Daniels words Mathew 24 being unlocked by the tetrads and the Shmittah and are looking for the rapture September 13th or after in 2015. And most go on eating drinking marrying buying selling eating and drinking saying my Lord delays coming they don't want to watch because the truth is a heavy cross to carry and a race to run to watch and wait and warn and a yoke to wear.  The worlds lie is comfortable made to fit but the truth and love of it is the path that leads us to repentance and walking in the light of Jesus word that is true salvation.

Except no artificial substitute. Jesus is coming and if your not watching He will be coming like a thief and if you are watching you see the bllod moons and other signs as a sure testimony time is near to His Return you want to be a waiting bride.