Veronica N (31 Dec 2012)
"Rapture dream"


To all doves,

I haven't posted in awhile but i read your posts regularly and am greatly blessed by many of the things that are shared especially the dreams and visions and videos .I would like to share with you a dream i had last night.

I was in my house and i saw something move out of the corner of my eye, as i looked i saw an angel wearing a white robe and a golden sash around his waist. Suddenly i felt myself being snatched and started to move upwards very quickly, as i was moving i felt my body starting to change i felt a sense of weight- less- ness I looked at my hands and my body and they were transparant and there was rays of light coming from my hands, between my fingers, then i woke up.

I believe that the rapture is very near,
Happy new year to you all

Veronica N