Kim D (31 Dec 2012)
"CHALLANGE: peek at this prophecy site and I guarantee you will be unable to go anywhere else for awhile - Awesome!!!!"

Below is a link to a great resource for rapture and tribulation information.  The site is maintained by a woman by the name of Amy Van Gerpen.  She is a prophecy scholar who has done her homework and the site is chock full of maps with explanations and scripture references to back up every single thing she shares.  I encourage each of you to just go there (even if momentarily) and you will see the richness of the information.  It might be good to print out the entire study and leave available for those loved ones who may not go in the rapture as she even details her thoughts/suspicions on the great deception after we are gone.
Read, discern, and enjoy as we await the trumpet of our Lord and Savior!
Kim D