Kimberly (17 Dec 2012)
"Inauguration Day, Shabbat HaGadol, Other Events and 64"

Dear John and Doves:

Ever since I found these 64 day counts from earthly events to celestial events, I’ve wondered what the number “64” has
to do with anything. As I’ve stated before, there are 64 Gregorian years from May 14, 1948 to May 14, 2012. Since that’s
the only thing that I’ve been able to come up with, I decided to dig a little deeper.

I’ve looked at the meaning of the number “64, and I’ve also found more day counts from event to event that are 64 days.
I didn’t believe that the 64 day counts were a coincidence when I found the first two that I wrote about in an earlier post
and now that I’ve found more “event to event” counts of 64 days, I can’t believe that it doesn’t mean something.  I don’t
know what this means or whether or not some other event might happen on one of these days, but for me, it seems to
be saying “pay attention” and “keep looking up”.

The meaning of  “64” from the Bible Wheel:  Truth, Judgment, Aleph and Tav, My Covenant, The Unleavened Bread,
The Nations, Turn/Encircle, The Garments.
The Number 64 is the fourth cube. Its diagonal projection forms the Number 37 - the Star of Wisdom - that is the basis
of the Sevenfold Logos Star that lies at the heart of the Creation Holograph.

One of the meanings of the number “64” is “The Unleavened Bread”.  "The Festival of the Unleavened Bread" will be
celebrated in 2013 from sunset of Monday 25 March to nightfall of Monday 1 April/Tuesday 2 April (7th day).

Several days ago, I opened my Bible to confirm something that I’d read on the internet.  I was actually going to look
something up in the book of Matthew, but it opened up in Isaiah. On the right hand page was Isaiah 64.
Verse 1: Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains
might flow down
at thy presence,  I read Isaiah 65 as well.  It was very interesting, too.

All counts include 1st day and last day.

From 9-11-12 (9/11) to 11-13-12 (Solar Eclipse) = 64 days
=>From 9-17-12 (Rosh Hashanah I) to 11-19-12 (7th day of Leonids) =  64 days
=>From 11-19-12 (7th day of Leonids) to 1-21-13 (Inauguration Day) = 64 days
From 9-26-12 (Yom Kippur) to 11-28-12 (Lunar Eclipse) = 64 days
From 10-01-12 (1st day of Sukkot) to 12-03-12 (Opposition of Jupiter) = 64 days
From 12-14-12 (7th day of Hanukkah) to 2-15-13 (asteroid 2012 DA14) = 64 days
***From 12-23-12 (Asara B’Tevet) to 2-24-13 (Purim) = 64 days***
From 1-01-13 (New Year’s Day) to 3-05-13 (Comet Panstarrs) = 64 days
***From 1-21-13 (Inaug. Day) to 3-25-13 (Erev Pesach) = 64 days   The Feast of Unleavened Bread
Begins on 3-25-13.
“The Unleavened Bread” is one of the meanings of the number 64.

From 2-21-13 (Ta’anis Esther) to 4-25-13 (1st Lunar Eclipse) = 64 days
From 3-23-13 (Shabbat HaGadol) to 5-25-13 (2nd Lunar Eclipse) = 64 days
From 3-05-13 (Comet Panstarrs) to 5-07-13 = 64 days
(This one is “iffy”, but I thought I’d show it anyway.  Yom Yerushalayim is on 5-8-13.)

***These are an earthly events to earthly events - no celestial events that I know of at this time connected to these.

The reverse image of 64 is 46.
From 5-20-12 (solar eclipse) to 7-04-12 (4th of July) = 46 days
From 9-22-12 (equinox) to 11-06-12 (election day) = 46 days
From 10-29-12 (Hurricane Sandy) to 12-13-12 (day 6 Hanukkah, New Moon, Peak Geminid Meteors, last day Kislev) = 46 days
From 1-01-13 (New Year’s Day) to 2-15-13 (asteroid 2012 DA14) = 46 days
From 3-25/26-13 (Passover) to 5-09/10-13 (Solar Eclipse) = 46 days
From 2-15-13 (asteroid 2012 DA14) to 4-01-13 (April Fool’s Day) = 46 days

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