Jennie (31 Dec 2012)


On Drudge today, they posted this??
For many of  us who believe Mr. O is the canadate for the AC,  I found this to be very interesting??
Lincoln died from a HEAD WOUND??  That is all I will say about this, you all figure it out??
Number two,  I need Urgent Prayer for my husband to find a job?  We are about to lose our home and are at the point of spending all our savings on food on the table and paying the utilities bills for our two children.  I have been praying soooo hard for the Lord to help us, but it's been 5 months, and NOTHING??  My husband and I love the Lord very much and we know he hears our prayers.  I am just asking if you all could help and say a prayer also for a FINANCIAL MIRACLE for my husband Steve?   
YSIC   Jennie