Heather Belletete (18 Dec 2012)
"To Steve's Post Re: Jezebel Spirit"


  I enjoyed your post on the Jezebel Spirit.  I always look forward to your posts because they are well thought out and very timely.  I know exactly what you are talking about.  I myself had this spirit.  The whole ugly truth of it if you ever have a spare hour to read the sad and sorry tale!!!

  The most amazing thing is that God reached his hand down into a sea of piety and touched me.  I was everything you described in your letter and worse!  I just don't even understand why he would have done something like that.  Had it been me I would have enjoyed watching the mighty fall on their faces.  I was so horrible, and I was not discerning at all.  I was like every other blind person out there just living in sin, pious and condescending, while planting my sorry hell bound butt to a church pew, and I READ the Bible!  How terrible is that?  But when you are deceived, you don't see the truth even when it is in front of you.  I am so humbled that God awakened my spirit to the truth.
  When I get to Heaven I want to ask God, "Why?  Why did you give me the truth?  Why did you wake me up from the world?"  Some people can remember the day they were saved, I can't.  I know it was when I was young, but I remember very specifically the date that God took the blinders from my eyes and I saw my life and the world for what it was.  September 19, 1999.  Thank you Lord for revealing the truth to me!!  I am so thankful and utterly humbled.

God Bless,
Heather Belletete