Grace (10 Dec 2012)
"Christmas Rapture Dream"

John & Doves:
December 2012 and January 2013 are very high rapture watch for me, due to the Christmas season and many having dreams or visions of rapture around Christmas time and Christmas decor in them. Also, because I had a 2 moons dream with following calendar vision of full moon phases that only stopped at JAN 2013. I did not remember seeing FEB 2013 after that. I have been wondering about that dream, after I had it on full moon of October 2012.
I do not know if it will come true. But God gives us warnings beforehand. Wait and see if it will all come to pass. Time will tell then, if all those dreams and visions are truly from God. For now, I will say KEEP LOOKING UP, our redemption draws near. War is imminent, watch Israel too.
Anyway, I found this somewhere. It was a very old dream that Charity Miller once shared in 2010.
Charity's Dream:

I believe HE is showing us these things! I, too, had a dream hinting at rapture during Christmas. This was back in October.

In my dream, it was either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I was with my family (hubby plus 3 kids) in a log cabin decorated for Christmas. Then I walked out the front door and suddenly my body changed into that of a healthy 16-18 year old!

I immediately forgot about my my dream I didn't even remember that I had children! And I started running carefree through the woods...