Charles (31 Dec 2012)
"Dream and focus"

I had got a new phone last night out in a blizzard my case broke etc old phone and I was like what am I doing Jesus could come any day and I am here worrying about cases because its a lot to replace if not protected!

Well it's funny I had a dream similar! I was in a village like older houses and an army was marching by like dressed in wool and helmets old style a mightily army proud seemingly strong unlike me tall fast. Then these bat monster like creatures came swooping down I think the movie black or whatever when they turned out the light came and just began whisking these away!

I cried out to the Lprd save me cover me!  The very air around me the ground bubbled up around me like bubble wrap! The blood covered me above me above this wrap and I hid for a while! I came out and they all where gone very few people were left! I came to a plaza where they were displaying artifacts of before and woke up!

Jesus will cover those who seek Him with all their hearts! Diligently crying to Him! The phone the case is nice thank you Lord! But it's just more cool aid to spit out! See nothing but the blood matters! Jesus tells the nothing broken souls who cry out for Him knowing they are not the strong the proud marching! I am a chirping canary praying to be a Dove watching the mighty hawks fly by! Thing is I am ok with that!

We should not judge or condemn try the spirits forgive as we sow the seed of he King His blood pardon! It's ok to be a weak canary! It all is the walk be humble seek rightousness and do good! Do all in the name of The Lord! What else really matters in the end!