W&W (27 Dec 2011)
"The First Christmas Eve"

On the first Christmas Eve were the wise men on their way?
Did the shepherds have an idea what would happen the next day?
Were the angels in heaven patiently waiting on God’s will,
Practicing the song they’d sing to the shepherds on the hill?

How could the innkeeper have know the Messiah would be born in his stable?
If he had known, would he have given a room, a blanket, a cradle?
And what of Joseph, the earthly father of the Babe?
I’m sure he was very happy, but also a little afraid?

And dear, sweet Mary, giving birth in a foreign place,
She had surely counted the days to see her baby’s small face.
She must have had great plans for her dear baby, her own,
But she knew that this baby belonged to God, and wasn’t hers alone.

Was God the Father, in heaven, creating the Christmas star above,
As a gift to his faithful Son, who came to earth out of love?
Did He think, “Now mankind will surely have to change its behavior.
Today is the last day in Darkness, the last day without a Savior.”

On that first Christmas Eve, men unknowingly waited for Him,
Waiting for the Messiah to come and do away with sin.
Just like today, we wait  for His return to be,
When He will come in glory, this time, for every eye to see.

Lets be like the wise men and shepherds, traveling to see the boy.
Lets be like the chosen family, filled with a perfect joy.
Every moment on earth until the very moment we leave,
Lets make sure that every day is like the first Christmas Eve.