WhodaThunk (24 Dec 2011)
"New study claims Turin Shroud is authentic burial cloth?"

from WhodaThunk


You said in you post http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/dec2011/gerlinda1222-3.htm "I once had a person tell me that this couldn't be the face of God because no one ever saw it and lived."
If the shroud was the image of Jesus, then you could view it and live.  The scripture that says no one can see the face of God and live, is talking about the literal face of God, not an image.

The shroud of Turin, cannot possibly be the image of Jesus Christ, and one only has to look to how scripture describes Him to know that.  While many, most in the Catholic Church, have promoted this as the burial cloth of Jesus, their failure to check this out via scripture indicates to me that their belief in the Bible as God's Word is lacking.

The image that comes to my mind when the so called scientists, who are based in the EU, is; are these the same scientists, 200 0f them, that after two years of research came to the conclusion that water does not hydrate.
Isaiah 53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

Isaiah describes Him as a man who was not handsome, yet this image is of a handsome man.

Isaiah 50:6 I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting.

The Roman soldiers who scourged (tortured) Him ripped out His beard, yet is this seen in the image?  No, and since was beaten so bad He was to weak to carry His cross one might wonder why the soldiers spared His face from the beating?  They didn't, yet this face doesn't look like it has much damage to it.

Another point, there was no shroud around the face, only a cloth was laid on it, the shroud was around the entire rest of the body.   The actual shroud would have been soaked in a lacquer like substance, myrrh, which became hard as a rock.  So if this was a burial cloth, then how is it described as a shroud?

Now for a little common sense.  Have you ever seen a dead person in the coffin at a wake?  Their muscles in there face no longer are held in place.  Yet this image does not show the face sagging as it does in a normal death.

Bottom line:  This couldn't be Jesus because the beard has not been ripped out, the face appears to be that of a live person as the jowls aren't sagging, this image is of a good looking person which Jesus was not.  AND, since God would know foolish and ignorant people would worship the cloth He would never allow it to survive long enough for man to make it into an idol.

And if you don't think there are foolish and ignorant people out there let me just mention a few ... people who worship trees, frogs, statues of just about everything, animals of all kinds, the stars, the moon, the sun, and planets some that probably don't exist ... there are alien worshipers, demon, and mystcal and those who worship sex.  You name it, man has perverted it.

People worship Mary, and an image they think is an image of her ... even when it appears on the bite of an apple, or the side of a building, or for God's sake on a potato chip.
The article you linked to said: Scientists have never been able to explain how the image of a man's body, complete with nail wounds to his wrists and feet, pinpricks from thorns around his forehead and a spear wound to his chest, could have formed on the cloth.
It's hard to explain that from a cloth that barely cover the head they could get images of the nail prints in His hands and feet?  I don't think so!  That part of the cloth would have been soaked with myrrh
which would have hardened to the point that the cloth would disintegrate if flattened out.  The cloth that covered the face would not be soaked in anything, and would be separate from the shroud.

My thoughts are if you're an Italian scientists, living in Italy, where most people are Catholic, you mom is Catholic, your siblings are Catholic, your co-workers are Catholic, and everyone you know is Catholic, are you going to say it isn't the image of Jesus ... and have basically everyone in the country, from your family to the barber, to everyone who lives there hate you?

Or, will you just go along to get along.  If this were the burial cloth of Jesus and it is NOT, it is not holy, just as the tomb is not holy, or any artifacts we might discover is holy.  Jesus is Holy.

There is no definitive proof of anything that Jesus ever touched, except the streets of the Via Dolorosa, is know by man.  And that is just how Jesus wants it.

Perhaps worshiping the King Jesus in Spirit and Truth as He desires, just might be more important than seeking the cup He drank out of.