Tyra (9 Dec 2011)
"Please everyone, let's stop and think about this...."

Do we think it could be possible that our Lord is telling us the same pieces of information now, and that our information is starting to overlap?  I truly do not believe any of us are not giving credit where it is due.  It's very possible that it may be new revelations to some of us, even if the information has been out there for a while.  Our Lord is speaking to us.  I'll repeat, Our Lord is speaking to us.  It's soon and very soon.  I'll give an example.  I knew when I saw people fainting and crying the thought came to my head Oh no Lord, please tell me this is not the antichrist.  Then the dow dropped 777 points and I knew the last of the last days had begun.  My point is, I never knew Ron Reese until I went searching on the web to see if anyone else got the same knock down about the last days as I just did.  I found Ron Reese, Mark Blitz, and Many Many others (I found Mark Blitz by counting 7 years forward and I ended up with 2015 so I started searching for signs in 2015..bingo ran right into Mark Blitz's write up and video) and I assure you I had no previous idea what they had written.  I could have just as easily written down the same exact things as Ron Reese without evening knowing, but I didn't because I barried myself in my Bible and started searching like a mad woman.   Let's all be brothers and sisters to each other even though sometimes siblings fight a little bit, they always forgive, forget and move foward.  Onward Christian soldiers..........tell Satan to stand behind you!  Let's give credit to our Lord Jesus Christ for making it crystal clear we are in the last days.  Lastly I want to thank all of you for your postings and write ups and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

God Bless,