Tyra (6 Dec 2011)
"To Charles"

You asked for opinions, so I'm going to give you my opinion and that's all it is.  Here is goes.  I have a nephew, got really angry with me one day because I talk about the Bible, the end of days, and Jesus Christ's soon very soon return.  He was so angry that he got up and left on a Sunday and my mom makes dinner for all of us.  I cried about it because all this time I thought he is Christian, and I don't know for sure, that's up for God to judge his heart.  The next day without me knowing my father tells my nephew when he stopped by his house.  He said, "Joshua, you should be so lucky you have an aunt that loves you so much that she would take such ridicule for telling you what is going on, you should be so blessed to have a family member that cares so much about your life that she can't bare the thought of seeing you here during tribulation."  My father a strong Christian man, than says, "son, we will not talk about this anymore, but the blood from the sword is no longer on our heads, your aunt has warned you and warned you of the coming of the Lord, he said again Joshua you've been warned!"

We do not mention it around him anymore.  We did what God told us to do, we saw the sword coming and we warned that the sword is coming.  Your wife has been warned.  You warned her that the sword is coming that's all you can do.  My husband does not like to hear about it everyday.  Just last night I was reading about all the "red tides" happening around the world and the intensity in just the past 3 months, but not a mention on our news.  Red tides turn the water red like blood and these micro-organisms some type of algea overproduce and literally release life threatening toxins.  It causes massive fish kill, marine kill, and if you were to drink the water it could kill you too.  It is an exact description of the angel that pours out the bowl judgment and turns the water into blood.  Anyway,  there are times he tells me, ok, I've had enough.  Right now I'm thinking enough, my goodness what on earth is more important than knowing Jesus Christ is getting ready to return.  But I go back to what I said earlier.......He's been warned!!!  His blood is not on my hands, I saw the sword coming and he's been warned.  So, I continue watching, praying, researching, and our conversations revolve around daily things.

That's my opinion, and I'm sorry it took so long to explain.

God Bless You watchman on the wall