Tyra (5 Dec 2011)
"MathMan (3 Dec 2011)"

You were asking for the name of the man who created a list of 12 steps.  I do not know if this is the same name you're looking for but....Dr. Day created a list back in the 60's and it's eerily similiar to the events happening right now.

PS- I've always agreed with Ron Reese, Gerry Almond, and others.  We need to keep an open mind because God will catch the evil ones off guard.  Although I agree 100% with Ron Reese, I do not argue with those of different opinions because they are doing exactly what God told them to do.  WATCH!!!  I'm not saying that your arguing I'm just saying the most important thing is we ALL know on this website that our redemption is near.  Jesus woke me up in the fall of 2008 as well.  I had a neighbor ask me, "How do you live knowing the end is coming?"  I said, "The end of the wicked is coming, but it's the beginning for those who stand upright and walk with the Lord".  In 2008 when I woke up out of the sleeping virgin status I use to pray, please God, delay a little longer, now I look around at all the evil and wicked digust in the world and I've been praying please Lord COME QUICKLY.  In just 3 short years my mind set has completely changed.

God Bless all of you,