Tyra (29 Dec 2011)
"I have to say this..."

I saw a post on how someone stated in an article that Ron Paul very much dislikes Israel.  Although I'm not much into politics because Lucifer will get his new world order for 42 months, but the man in the article was fired by Ron Paul and has been smearing ever since.  Also, I think everyone needs to realize that Ron Paul is against the New World Order, against the Federal Reserve of Globalist privately owned bankers, he's against all the bail out to create more debt, he's against the Federal Reserve being able to print our money (by the way our forefathers were against this too)......so my only conclusion I have is for all of us to remember we are living in the world of lies right now because it's satans time even though very short, it's still his time remember appointed by God himself.  So if they are against the New World Order, they will be gotten rid of and Ron Paul is in fact picking up serious percentage at the polls which makes him a serious threat to the New World Order.  Remember the new world order only wants to give us the illusion we are actually having freedom to vote.  The reality is they've made certain that either way you vote......their puppet wins.  Keep that in that back of your minds.  It's all a lie, seek Jesus he's the truth.

God Bless,