Tyra (29 Dec 2011)
"Ron Reese I completely agree with you..."

Alex Jones has become a Christian.  A Christian.  He has now made several comments that he may be detained may even be killed, he told his son that he may even be killed.  My point is, he's been a watchman screaming at the top of his lungs and now the chips have fallen into place.  Over the Christmas weekend NDAA was signed into law to detain any American citizen deamed a terrorist without trial.   There is a pdf file about asking for contractors to help man the FEMA camps it's out on the internet.  Syria and the Middle East are about to explode, and now the US is preparing for something against its people.  Many are calling it the economic marshall law.  So, our economy is going to be wiped out to start bringing in the New World Order and all its evil that goes with it.  Their timing at least according to those who oppose the NWO is the first quarter of 2012.  I've been awake now for many hours reading and searching and trying not to be afraid.  I believe that God has truly been speaking to you.  God has been speaking to me by leading me right to the information I need to know.  It's soon so let's be prepared.

PS- When all the currency is devalued, the banks close, our money is worthless (which is all being manipulated to bring in a NWO), and people have no food, the law of the land will become the law of the jungle and marshall law will be right in place to haul all the useless eaters away.  (The Illuminati or Luciferians call us the useless eaters)