Tracy Nordin (2 Dec 2011)
"This is for Dayana T."



This is for Dayana T.  You asked a while back if I would share my number 21 story so here it is. I do not know what it means, but I am pretty sure it is a date. Also, I do not know if it is from the Lord or the enemy. You know he is a master of imitation. Since I am lazy I am posting an email I sent to John B ( about the number 21.




Wow, where to begin. Back on April 3, 2011, I received your Cosmic Spheres and Blue Light (Streaks, Stars, and the Number 21) email. I read through it and found it interesting. I have been reading so much lately, I feel at times that my brain is ready to implode. You know from my previous emails that I know something is up and how I was led to your site, and how God led me to write the Grace Ending – Wrath Beginning document that I have sent to family and friends. You are one of my few friends in Christ that knows what time it is. On April 5, 2011, I was in the kitchen and opened the top left cabinet door to get the knife sharpener to sharpen my favorite knife (I love to cook). Four doors to the right is where my wife keeps an assortment of business cards. There are also cards with her Mom’s Dr. appointments and assorted pictures. The cabinet doors have molding all around the edge so there is a convenient slot between the molding and door to insert these items. They are wedged in there pretty tight. After I finished with the knife I put the sharpener back in the left cabinet and shut the door. One of these cards (four doors to the right) flies out and lands on the floor. My immediate thought is “well you know you have to pick it up and see what it says”. I pick it up and it’s one of my mother-in-laws Dr. appointment cards. The appointment was/is for April  25, 2011. OK – I’ll keep that in mind. The next night I had a dream. About the only thing I remember was at the end before I woke up I saw in my dream clear as clear can be that sphere with the rivets. I woke up and asked God why did I dream about that. I remembered the email you sent out and I remember it had the sphere with rivets and I remember some numbers. I re-read the part from Matthew’s dream about the number being either 21 or 24. Then I read the 1996 Rapture vision and the blue cloud shaped like a football with the white number 21 in the middle and then the vision of the newborn baby with the growth on the side of it’s head and subsequent confirmation by his trip to the local quick stop for some sugar. So God prompts me to go look at that appointment card again. I have never seen a card like this. It’s pretty clever in that the way it is designed it is good from 2010 to 2019. On the top it has the following:  Your next 201_ Appointment: then below it has 12 small boxes which are the months, followed by Day of Month___  Time of Day__:__ AM/PM  Of course the nurse wrote in a 1 on the first line to make 2011. But all I saw was 201_ which is 20+1. The appointment is for the 24th.


(deleted another confirmation of the number 21 – it’s too long)


My wife informs me that we have to go to the bank and then go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for Chris’s (my new age, atheistic, environmentalist, gonna fix the world nephew) wedding gift.  Now we cannot go to the BBB that is @ 1 mile from our house because they do not have this particular gift. We have to go to the BBB @ 10 miles away at Highway 6 and Murphy road. Now I have not driven down Murphy road to Highway 6 in about 15 years. This “gift”  is on the bridal registry and it is not available online, only in the store, and it’s not at the close BBB.

So, off we go – hit the bank and head for the far BBB down Murphy road toward Highway 6. All the while I am in conversation with my friend Jesus. I am praising him for the number 21 confirmation: “Wow that was great this morning. How awesome you are. I have the feeling that I am supposed to keep my eyes open. I really do not need any more confirmation. You have shown me enough. ---Look for numbers!--- OK Lord, I will keep my eyes open for the number 21 ---LOOK FOR NUMBERS--- OK Lord, I will”

We are still heading for Highway 6 and man I sure don’t remember it being this far down Murphy – but like I said it’s been a while since I travelled this route. We finally come up to the stop light at HW6. I notice the green sign on the right. It’s a mileage sign. It points left to Arcola and right to Richmond. Left – Arcola 8 Miles,  Right – Richmond 13 Miles. John, I knew right away it totaled 21, but I had to add these two numbers in my mind at least 3 times. We arrived at the BBB. My wife goes to the counter to get the bridal registry and asks where this “item is located”. She is told this item is only available online. No, it says it’s only available in the store. The clerk goes online and says this is weird. I think the final outcome was that is was not available anymore – I am not sure. When we were leaving, my wife says “well I guess we did not have to drive out here after all”. I think we did.