Tompson (14 Dec 2011)
"Terrorist Attack today in France was this the fulfillment of my dream from Last May previously posted on the doves"

Hello Five Doves,
I was hoping for your opinion on whether or not you thought the event listed below might actually be the fulfillment of the dream I previously posted to the Fivedoves last May?  I believe the Ferry boat is the rapture by the way.
The picture I have tried to attach shows this took place on a bridge though not over a river. There were three suspects ...I think the three cars are symoblic of the three men.
Hello Doves,
On May 10, 2010 I had a dream that I was watching a live breaking news broadcast of an event taking place in I think France. As I watched the screen I saw three white foreign cars like vans or station wagons not sure which but all three were white and were parallel parked on top of an old bridge that was made of cobble stone and the under framing had been updated with iron. It was a bridge over a river. The town this took place in was very old world style the buildings were still made of stone and masonry. It was a crowded area of old homes and pedestrians as well as regular traffic. I watched as policemen wearing white shirts and black pants with tall pointy like black hats edged their way closer to the three vehicles. I saw their police cars white with a strip of  black checkers  running along the bottom of the vehicle.Some of the police men were in swat clothes but completely unlike our own American version of a swat team. Less prepared. As they edged closer to these unoccupied vehicles, I began to watch intently. I knew I had dreamt of this before (meaning in my dream, I was dreaming I had dreamt this thing would occur.) and so I watched wondering if what I thought was going to happen next would. It did just as the first policeman touched the first vehicle, the middle of the three is detonated and gray smoke fills the vehicle immediately and then it explodes, the other two go with it, the blast kills all of the policemen, all of the pedestrians on the bridge and many of the people in their homes. I looked down at the clock on the news station it was 9:15 in the morning. The time frame is the week of July 17th through the 24th  of that week in this calendar year. Closer to the 18th then the later part of the week. As the explosion rocked the screen I was instantly transported to the actual scene of the explosion. I was then swept away by a wind current to safety on a boat below where the bridge was exploded. I was trying to contact my family and tell them not to take the scheduled dive for that week, but they were too caught up in the news program. Then the ferry boat I was on was being pushed down the river rapidly as the wind began to pick up and the the rains began to pelt everything in the area a massive tornado was coming and I was being pressed down the river to get away.
Interesting to note the numbers represented in this dream.
3  means Resurrection, Divine Completeness and Perfection
9  means Fruit of the Spirit, Divine Completeness from the Lord
15 means Rest
I have learned that when I dream of News broadcasts it is a prophetic word from the Lord but usually I am not watching a live broadcast so that is interesting. I believe this event will indeed take place it was definitely in a Foreign country I thought to myself France in the dream but I know the police men I saw were English. So therefore I am saying either of the two countries.  Pray for France and pray especially for England that no one will be hurt in the coming months in any form of attack. Thank you Doves for your time. I am open to your thoughts about this dream.