Suzi (17 Dec 2011)
"Re: Charles Santa vs. Jesus"

With all due respect Charles, I think you are going too far. There is nothing wrong with letting kids be kids when it comes to Christmas. No, you do not lie to your kids, you tell them the TRUTH. You tell them that Jesus is Lord, you tell them the Nativity Story from the Bible. You tell them about how the Wise Men brought gifts to the Baby Jesus. You tell them how a long time ago a man who loved Jesus wanted to help some young girls who's father didn't have the money to give them gifts (when kids are old enough, they can learn about the fact was they needed dowrys to secure marriages). You can tell them how "St. Nicholas" was generous and kind and gave the family the money they needed. You can tell him that whenever we give to others, we are being just like St. Nicholas, and when we have Jesus in our hearts, we are copying him, since he also loved The Lord. We also give gifts (just as the Wise Men did to Jesus), because we want to show how much we love people, just as Jesus told us to, and since Jesus lives within our hearts, when we give to each other we are giving to Jesus. Jesus even said, 'when you give to the least of these, you are giving to me'. So, with every gift we give, we are doing as we are asked to do.
You can use history and traditional stories to TEACH our children a simple 'comparative religion' lesson. You can tell them the history of Christmas trees...How they evolved through time, most notably when Martin Luther saw the dazzling lights of the moon glistening on the branches of a tree one cold winter night, he redeemed and reclaimed what God had made for good and made it a tribute to Him.

You don't have to say anything to a child but simple truths. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. God is the Creator of the Universe. Jesus is God. Jesus came to give us life, and to have it more abundantly. The giving of gifts, the joys of family and friends and festive attire and happiness should be a part of your life on this Earth. God wants us to be happy and share the love of our family/children/community. If you are so busy trying to make your wife and child unhappy, I just don't see how that can be pleasing to God. If you are so unevenly yoked in your marriage, then you would probably be happier out of that relationship.

Something I've come to realize here on Five many people are so intense, so unhappy in their lives here, that they make themselves and others miserable while they wait. The fact is, we are supposed to be LIVING our lives as we wait and watch. We are IN the world buy not OF the world. Enjoy our time here, and look forward to the day we are taken home.

If you find it incompatible with your view of what is acceptable to the Lord, then by all means, remove yourself from the situation. Parents must be in sync when it comes to the kids. A child will NOT understand why 'daddy is being a grinch', They are too young to 'get it'. Just remember where the 'Santa' story comes from and simply say, 'Santa loves Jesus as much as you do'. Find some of the graphics of Santa kneeling beside the Manger with Baby Jesus.

But mostly, remember how innocent children are, and how easily they can be confused. I really don't see how you think that Santa is Satan...if I were your wife I'd not let you tell my child that would scare them to death!

Also, exactly why can't your wife take part in a gift exchange in light of the political unrest in the Middle East? If she stayed home would things calm down? We are to live our lives UNTIL He comes. We can keep watching while we keep living, can't we? Have you quit your job? Have you stopped paying your bills? Have you canceled your health insurance? Do you have food in your freezer? We have to keep on with our daily life because we do not know just how long it may be before He comes.

Lighten up. Mellow out. Take a deep breath. Pray. Let your child be a child. Unless your wife has denied Christ, you have nothing really to be so upset over. Traditions and the way we decorate our house at any given time of the year are not what is is the condition of our hearts. Tying a red bow on a box of chocolate and giving it to the mail man is not going to keep you from flying in the rapture!!

I was actually not going to weigh in on this, but it's really disturbing to see someone so upset over simple things, when I know from experience that these are not the things that lead one away from God.

Be of good cheer. We are celebrating the Birth of our Savior after all!!