Susan (27 Dec 2011)
"A letter for those left behind"

Greetings, I have been reading posts on FiveDoves for a couple of months. I have not sent anything prior to this. Today I wrote this letter to my loved ones who just will not watch for the soon return of Jesus. I thought your contributors and readers might like to copy and use as a message to their loved ones. I realize that I probably should reference scriptures, but I'm assuming that time is of essence so I'm sending as is. Maranatha!! See all of you soon!

If I am gone and you are not...

In spite of continually trying to suggest that time was short, you would not (or could not) believe that I was right about the soon return of Jesus for His bride. At some point and time in the near future, Christ will return to get his Bride.

In the Bible there is a parable about a wedding party and 10 virgins are mentioned. I still have not figured the special difference between the Bride and the 5 virgins that are taken to the wedding party - but if I’m gone and if the children are gone and if the graves of Christians have been disturbed, then that would mean that the Rapture has indeed occurred.

So if I am gone and you are here ... and because I hope and pray that you are a Christian as you professed to me, please let me try to explain what has happened. (and if you are not a Christian, NOW is the time to submit your life to our living, risen Lord Jesus Christ.)

In the parable of the Bride and 10 bridesmaids/virgins only 5 get to go to the wedding party. Those 5 are said to have their lamps prepared with oil.  The excluded virgins were invited to the wedding party and had lamps but when the bridegroom announced that it was time to go, the excluded virgins had to go back to town and try to get more oil. Then when they arrived late at the wedding party, the door was shut.

I believe the 5 who were included were Christians who were watching, prepared and ready. I believe the 5 who had to replenish their oil and as a result arrived late and were excluded were Christians who would not watch (they were not prepared and ready.)

So perhaps when Jesus called those watching to come UP (rapture), you were a Christian that was not watching. Please don’t lose hope and please don’t turn away from your Salvation. Actually now is the time to confess your sorrow to Almighty God confessing that you have realized you missed ARK of escape because of your skepticism and unbelief. He WILL forgive your sin and will either protect you through this Tribulation or call you home by death. Take this time to buckle down and witness your salvation to others. Because now you KNOW that the Bible is the word of God and the Rapture CONFIRMS that what God said would happen, will happen.

And now The Tribulation has started. The Great Tribulation is soon to follow. The Tribulation will last a maximum of Seven years. You may live through the entire Tribulation, and it is possible that you may continue through to the Millenium Kingdom with Christ. It is also possible that at the time of the Rapture that the Tribulation had already started which could mean you possibly have to endure less time than seven years. As I write this letter to you there is still much discussion on the timing of how everything is going to transpire and whether the Tribulation has already started.

I am so, so sorry that you have been left behind. I pray for you each day. I love you so much. Jesus loves you.
Remember that Jesus died for YOU so that He would not have to live without you.