Steve W (9 Dec 201)
"Oops! Error in last post"

Yesterday I posted a letter entitled:
 Ron Reese +Mathman = Undeniable Facts
Interesting how Mathman's post yesterday and mine independently paralleled one another regarding many facts.
 I inadvertently  said at the end of my post,


'Plain and simple, the above roads signs pointing to September 15, 2015 Day of

Atonement is seemingly a perfect fit. No un-matching square in the Rubik’s cube.


Once again, we owe Ron Reese, Mathman, and many other Doves, credit for pointing out the road signs that lead to the destination. These dates are facts.

If their theory proves wrong, well so be it. But it is simply undisputable how these road signs line up in an amazing sequence pointing to the day of Atonement September 23,1915.'


Sorry Doves. Of course I met September 23,2015


Long day at work and I was pretty tired when I posted.


Blessings to All,


Steve W.