Steve W (7 Dec 2011)
"To Dru   Buddy Bakers'  Visions"

Dru has posted several of Buddy Bakers visions
Here's just a sample :
Buddy Baker vision ...
December 4, 2011 Sunday 8:30 pm, while I was in the shower I did not receive a vision but asked the Lord if there was anything He wanted to tell me and I heard the Lord say ” PREPARE I’M COMING FOR MY BRIDE ” END.
We may be in this world but we are not of it, we are only passing through to another world. Which do you choose Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours. Live in Righteousness Holiness and Love, Jesus loves you more than you can imagine!!!
Buddy Baker vision ...
December 1, 2011 10:00 pm, while I was in the shower I close my eyes and I see a very huge beautiful white flower and it was full of light and light was emanating from the flower and I see Jesus standing to the left and I hear Him say "MY LOVE FOR YOU" end.
November 29, 2011 12:40 pm, while I was in the shower singing to the Lord eyes closed I hear the Lords voice saying ” SON TELL THEM I’M COMING ” then I see Jesus in a distance sitting on a white horse then He appeared closer to me still sitting on a white horse and Jesus had a white robe on and a red robe over the white one and a golden crown on His head end.
Hi Dru,
I must admit, I get a chuckle every time you post one of Buddy Bakers visions. Seems like the shower stall is Buddy's direct connection with God. Hey, whatever works keep doin' it.
He's probably one of the cleanest Christians around. No pun intended of course.
All kidding aside, He has a nice website and sure seems like a down to earth type of guy. Someone you'd wanna hang with and just talk life. My kinda dude.
It sure will be fun getti'n to know the folks behind their pens when we get to heaven.
Steve W.