Steve W (6 Dec 2011)
"To Nicole: Fight Fire with Love"

Hi Nicole,
Good to have you back posting. We love your comments, thoughts, and stories you share with the Doves.
Yesterday you said,
"The thing is that now there are churches coming door to door all the time, waking me up early in the morning asking me to come to their church.   And if I do not answer the door, they bang on the door and my dogs go ballistic and I am still in my pajamas.   I don't like opening the door for strangers and in this day and age with the thefts and rapes, I don't like opening the door when there are men there unless it is FedEx or UPS.    And the thing is I don't appreciate it, it is almost a harassment.   When the Lord wants me to go to a church, then I pray about, research it online, ask around, etc.   And I am not talking about once in a while, I am talking that this happens to me all the time.   I get several letters in the mail a day and I get people knocking on my door every other day.   I am fed up!

What I have noticed is that all of these churches and organizations that I have come in contact with are still thinking in the past....I mean going door to door evangelizing and also direct mailing, well they are totally asleep.    And I will tell you why.

Every single mailer and flier I have received has the QR code on it.   And these people are so asleep that they don't even know what it is!   It is the precursor to the mark of the beast.  These people are BLINDLY putting these codes on their fliers, they won't realize that they just put it on their hand.   They will tell themselves, well if I take it off, then I am not condemned because it is a removable RFID tag.    Next, you ask them about the end times and the rapture and they are clueless.   They just want to talk about getting saved and then having the best life ever.    They just talk about their huge Christmas celebration and still are talking about Jesus birth.   Hello!   Let's talk about the lateness of the hour and how we are like the wisemen waiting for Jesus to return!"
 I know how you feel. I have often felt the same way about door to door folks or random solicitation for money via direct mail. Obviously the Enemy wants to "jerk your chain"   and get you riled up and P.O.'d at
other Christians and there organizations. Don't fall for his tactics. Don't fight fire with fire, but with love. Here is what has been helpful for me and can really help you. Turn this back on Satan's face. You'll feel a whole lot better and won't feel like your time has been wasted.
1) A friend once said she considered every human interaction a divine appointment. Now whether it is or isn't is not the point. Next time you a hear the door bell ring or a knock on the door, thank the Lord that he has brought someone your way who may need a blessing from you. Now please, exercise wisdom and common sense when answering. Ask who it is before opening. If it is a male, it probably would be best if hubby was around if you opened the door. But regardless of what occurs, instead of letting the old blood boil, say a quick prayer for patience and love. These folks are God's beloved as well. If you don't care to open the door that is OK. Simply ask the Lord what he would have you pray for them about. You'll be amazed at what God will tell you. Say a quick prayer and be about your day. Strike one point for for Nicole and a slap for Satan. You've just won the battle. If it's OK to open the door, politely decline their offer. Don't debate! Ask, Is there anything I could pray for you about?" You'll be surprised at what folks will say. They will be blown away by your concern. Say a quick prayer and bless them. Their day will never be the same. Such Christian love displayed. Satan hates this!
2) When you get those darn mailers, do the same. Pray for them. Ask God what to pray about. Then pray in love .Strike another point for Nicole and a double slap for Satan. You’re the winner now.
Instead of being ticked off, you'll carry around a smile and peace for the day. Jesus displayed in that smile. Try this next time Nicole. Your heart will be lifted and God's blessing will be upon you.
Love to you in Christ,
Steve W.