Steve Coerper (6 Dec 2011)
"Re:  "Rev. Larry Harrold ... on the meaning of Christmas""
Dear John and Doves:
Josh asked the question, "Shouldn't the Christmas season be primarily a time to celebrate the single most significant event in all of human history?"
I would ask, what IS the "single most significant event in all of human history"?  It can't be the birth of Christ, because THE DISCIPLES AND THE EARLY CHURCH NEVER CELEBRATED IT!
Excuse my emphasis, but the church has been sold a pig in a poke!  "Christmas" is simply Saturnalia in drag.  It's a toned-down Mardi Gras in December, a disgrace to the church and a dishonor to the Lord.
Here's a video: Truth or Tradition --  and here's an article:  Christmas Litmus that explain.
I would submit that the resurrection is the most significant event, NOT the nativity.  In addition, if we're going to celebrate the birth of Christ, let's at least get the facts right.  The traditional Christmas story is fraught with errors, as most of us already know.  And it appears that many Christians are okay with that because "we've always done it that way."
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