Stephen Cottingham (23 Dec 2011)
"Awesome rapture preview experience"

Dear Doves,

Early this morning, just after 3:30 am, I had an amazing experience that lasted all of about 15 seconds. It may have been a dream or a vision, but it felt incredibly real! I was sound asleep in bed in my home, with my wife to my side and our two cats at the foot of the bed.
When the experience began, I suddenly awoke to a sensation coursing through my body that I have never felt before. It was like a swirling energy, almost tingly, that permeated my entire body from my head through my toes. I felt the presence of Christ, and I was thinking "Praise the Lord!" and "This is it!". My body began lifting in the air, and I passed right through the ceiling and roof of our home as if it weren't even there! For just a moment I saw the roof of the house, and then I was in the clouds, as it was rainy and foggy all last night. I couldn't see anyone else for all the thick clouds, so I was calling my wife's name continually. (My wife is also a born-again Christian.) I didn't feel any cold or wetness in the air, but I could see everything vividly, and I was moving rapidly upward. I'll have to say that it was the ride of my life (so far anyway).
Then all of a sudden I was back in the bed and wide awake, excited but disappointed that this wasn't the real event. My body still had this swirling, tingly energy sensation which gradually waned down over the course of an hour. I think I finally managed to go back to sleep around 5 am, just 20 minutes before my alarm went off. I'm still shaking and awestruck now many hours after the event! I have told everyone I know here at work about this awesome experience. I feel that the real event will be very, very soon!
Yours in Christ,
Stephen Cottingham