Stacy Raborn (5 Dec 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #10 and Very Important Message"

Hello Doves.  What does Jesus truly see when His eyes of fire gaze upon us?  Do we really know for sure?  Are we truly walking in purity and holiness and living in a constant state of confession, repentance, and praise?  Most of us think we are, for the most part.  This is something I ask and pray for every day, because I am truly nothing but filthy rags.  Every day I do something to disappoint my Savior, and I hate it!  And the worse part is that satan is constantly lying to all and telling us we are covered; we are all okay, and there is no need to repent every day -- Jesus has ya covered!  Yes, He does, but there is a need to confess and repent every day.  There is need to yearn for purity and holiness every day!  And there is a need to continually search our hearts to ensure that all our ways and actions are pure, and if not, that we immediately confess and repent.  We must be holy for He is holy, and there are no exceptions!

I write this to you today, because I heard a message last night that was very compelling.  It so compelled me that I am sharing it everywhere I can.  It is a little long, but the time will fly by as you listen, confess, repent, weep, pray, and praise!  It really is something we all should hear and be reminded of, especially considering that we know Jesus is on His way!!

You can access the video here (!).  I pray that you are touched and changed. 

Also, as I was updating my website and adding a few things, I came across a writing that I received on 11/2/11.  I am including it as Spiritual Nugget #10, because it lines up perfectly with the message I am sharing with you today.  Be blessed all my brothers and sisters, and may we all be accounted worthy to escape with our Lord!!!

Wholesome  received 11/2/11
Whole - some...
Do you want to be made whole?
Do you want peace in your soul?
Do you desire holiness?
Are you wholesome?
This is my requirement for you.
Holiness is to be wholesome.
I am holy, so you must be holy.
Only I can make you holy.
It is My blood that accomplishes this.
It is wholesome and perfect.
It is without flaw or germ.
It is made perfect by My Father.
It covers a multitude of sins.
It is wholly something to be revered.
My blood provides a way for you to be be whole in My eyes.
This is My requirement for you.
I am wholesome, therefore, you must be as well.
I am wholesome food for you.
Food that purifies and strengthens.
May you be wholesome in My eyes.
For as I gaze upon you, I will see holiness and purity.
This is so beautiful to Me.
Nothing less can be.
Holiness means you are wholesome.
Strive for this, pray for this, yearn for this.
When you do, you yearn for Me.
I will fulfill all your yearnings.
Be ye holy.
Be ye wholesome.
Be ye like Me.