Stacy Raborn (2 Dec 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #9 - Magnified"




I see you through the magnifying glass.

All of your attributes are magnified.

All of your sins are magnified as well.

I can taste and see all.

Nothing escapes Me.

I hedge in and around you.

I am before you and behind you.

I see all.

I know all.

I am all in all.

What seems small to you is magnified in My eyes.

Your beautiful ways that you show love may seem normal or ordinary to you.

But they are magnified to Me and bless My soul.

Your “small” sins that you have ignored yet continued cause great grief to My heart; they are no small thing to Me.

The hills become mountains, and the valleys become ravines.

You have allowed the world to minimize these things.

You are conditioned to the little things.

These things are great and not to be set free from your mind.

Give them their rightful attention.

Magnify the little things you do in My name.

Expand and increase them and know that no matter how small, they please Me.

Magnify your little sins and recognize them for the great evil they are.

Confess these things and turn away from them, as they beat upon My heart and remind Me of the pain of my great sacrifice.

Know that your ways, your thoughts, your actions, and your sins are all magnified to Me.

This is because I am holy and righteous, and I live inside you.

I know and search your heart.

I know the reasons for the things that you do whether good or evil.

I am in you.

I feel you.

I know you.

I have known you since you were but dust.

Beware of Me.

Be aware of Me.

Recognize Me.

Abide in Me, and see things as I see them.

Magnify all things; see them through My eyes.

This will not only give you wisdom, but strength, joy, and hope in Me.

We are one.

We are magnified.