Stacy Raborn (17 Dec 2011)
"Just Believe!"

Hi Doves.  I spent some time on a youtube channel today, because a lovely Dove, Gabriel, posted an exceptional video from this same site (and I sure thank you Gabriel for that!!).  The overall message of this author has touched my heart, and I want to share it with you all.

Throughout my whole life I have had to work hard for love and work hard not to be rejected.  It's been somewhat constant for me.  Needless to say, it's been quite engrained in my mind, heart, and soul.  I have been a born-again believer now for over 18 years, and I have often struggled with continuously believing the simplicity of the gospel --- I guess because love has always been such hard work and short-lived. 

The Lord has been so patient with me over the years with all the things He has taught me and the things He has changed in me, knowing that I struggle to stay abiding in the simple truths of His love for me.  His patience and longsuffering overwhelms me with gratitude.  Still to this day though, the devil brings on a spirit of heaviness in my soul reminding me of all the things I didn't do or haven't done for the Lord.  I usually feel this coming on and absolutely hate it, because I have been fighting it for so long.  To and fro, back and forth, over and over....  never really living in settled complete peace -- the story of my life, and I believe Jesus has now said we're done with this!

Just a few days ago, in complete tears, I asked God to please help me.  I asked Him to take away this thorn and give me rest; I told Him I just want to rest in His perfect love -- the rest that brings joy and confidence; the rest that never ever doubts!  He answered me immediately, and boy has He now showered me with his basic truths from all angles just in these few short days.  It has been so much that my head is kinda spinning (but in a good way)!!!  His basic truth, the gospel of truth and peace, has once again been so liberating and wonderful!  I realize I still have this propensity in me to work for love and it may always be in there somewhere; therefore and just in case, I will put the armor on every day and claim my promises from the One who has already done the work for me!

For those of you who may be like me...  wondering if you have enough oil, wondering if you are holy enough, wondering if you have repented of every sin (even the ones you don't know about)...  the simple gospel is our good news of rest!  IT IS FINISHED, and if you have called upon the name of Jesus and received His gift, then He will not allow you to stray too far (remember, he goes to get the lost sheep!), and NOTHING will separate you from His love!  He will finish His work in you; He will make you holy; and He will make you His bride.  I just recently heard a pastor remind us all that God gave each one of us to Jesus, and Jesus takes the responsibility for us.  He does all the real work!  We simply surrender and trust and then move when He urges; that's it.  He will take us to the word, to prayer, to sharing, to ministering, to doing the works of faith -- just like He urged me to share this with you all!

So, as far as the youtube site...  The young man has it all right, and He shares this truth from so many angles.  My best friend and I have been on his site all day calling each other all excited like little children!  There is so much truth loaded on this one site, but I am only including one video, and to me, this message is so profound.  If you struggle with any of the things I have shared in this post, I hope the truth and scriptures included in the video bring you peace just as it did me!

Much love to all my brothers and sisters!

Here is the link: