Sherry Vance (12 Dec 2011)
"Reply to MathMan (10 Dec 2011)"

Dear 'Mathman';
Because I have not received an answer to a legitimate question I asked, I am now asking you.  It is not meant to be adversarial.  I simply would like an answer to how you believe your "mathematical calculations point so strongly towards the Day of Atonement 2015 being the day of Christ’s return" when it is the second fall Feast?  What happened to the FIRST fall Feast then?  Ron said it would be fulfilled "one way or another" but what does that mean?  Seems to me the Feast of Trumpets, on which the King is supposed to be crowned, as were all of Israel's
kings, is being skipped over just to make Atonement fit your "mathematical calculations."
And I would ask of all (or any) Doves who fully accepted this premise, or "possibility" that Jesus would not return and "touch down" UNTIL the Feast of Atonement/YomKippur.....WHY do you believe this?  It is a legitimate that should be able to be answered scripturally.  We are to give an account when asked of why we believe something.  Why are people getting upset or "disturbed" because of a challenge to a "possibility?"  Would any of us simply accept what anybody tells us...especially if that possibility could be misleading without benefit of a scriptural foundation? 
But back to the reason for this post, Mathman > what happened to the First Fall Feast - how is it fulfilled in it's order if Jesus doesn't return until Atonement?  Please don't reiterate the mathematical calculations, which for me do not mean a thing if those calculations disturb the order of the Feasts Jesus is coming to fulfill (as He did each of the Spring Feasts in their order.)  Please just give me the (scriptural) reasons why you believe this to be so and if scriptures show it to be true, then I will recant my former belief that Christ is coming bodily to fulfill the Feast of Trumpets and be crowned King of Kings, and that Atonement (Judgement Day) is when He will judge the Sheep & Goats who will enter (or not) the Kingdom on Earth.
You see, Mathman, the way this goes is now I have another challenge on my hands to try to understand - that of my other post today asking Josua (9 Dec 2011) how it is that "In 2015 the 6,000 years will be completed and people will be
removed from the earth. Then the earth will have a sabbath rest for 1,000 years."
    "The final Jubilee will begin on the Day of Atonement in the year 2015.....Within days, Jesus will come to earth the second time to take His people back to heaven with Him and the earth will begin its 1,000 years of rest."

If you and he will not, or can not, explain how these things are so from a scriptural understanding, then are we just to believe any old "possibility" because of a mathmatical calculation or because it seems like it could  be so ?  I don't think so.  We are to try the spirits and test them.  I think these questions deserve answers and if we cannot ASK without people getting testy about it, or thinking that they are being attacked just for asking for an answer, then how is one supposed to learn or come to any kind of confidence or faith in what they believe.
So, I'm asking you, without sarcasm, without animosity, to please answer my question. 
Until.....Sherry Vance~