sgalbraith (3 Dec 2011)
"For GM: 10 Virgins"

In my opinion, the parable of the virgins, like all parables has multiple applications and refers to each salvation experience whether it be salvation of the spirit, soul, or body. To be "asleep" to doesn't necessarily mean a physical death. Sometimes it can mean a soulish death or an untransformed mind.

In this particular parable, context seems to indicate that the foolish virgins were not tranformed in the mind and they lacked the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but some kind of counterfeit spirit has brought them out to meet the bridegroom anyway. I think it's the foolish virgins who cause the great apostasy after the rapture because they were deceived into thinking their bodies could be saved after salvation of their spirits without the salvation of their souls.

 However, the word "asleep" can also mean {not totally aware of what's going on}. We want to be aware and we try to be aware and we are watching but we've got many things coming against us.

1) satan changed the calendars
2) lying news media
3) many false doctrines in the church
4) failed prophecies, dreams, and visions

And the list goes on. The wise virgins have received both the salvation of the spirit and soul and are waiting for the salvation of the body but we're having a hard time with timing. Some people have been saying he's at the door for 2 or 3 years now, and a lot are people are already looking to 2012 and so on, so we're not as sure about timing as we think we are. We're "asleep". Hope this helps.