Sandra Jean (29 Dec 2011)

My first Bible was a New King James Version which I loved because it was a modernized version of the KJV.  But over the years, I began to ask several Bible teachers, various pastors, other believers, even bookstore sellers, which Bible most accurately translated the words of Jesus.  The response was always the same -- the NASB.  The only Bible I've gotten negative feedback on was the New World Translation (Jehovah Witnesses) and the Lamsa/Aramaic Peschitta bible.  I know of two people who are/were into the occult and the Lamsa/Aramaic Peschitta Bible is/was their bible of choice.
Here are NASB endorsements taken from the following website:
  • "Even with all the new translations the NASB is still the very best. From its textual basis to dignity of language, from theological strength to translation precision and methodology - the NASB is still in a class by itself."

Tim M. Kucij

  • "I want to know God's Word in the deepest and richest ways possible. I use the Updated NASB for all my personal study, since it is so close to the original text."
Joseph Stowell
President, Moody Bible Institute
  • "The New American Standard Bible has two enormous advantages. First, for everyone it is still the most accurate translation of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures available. Second, for those who grew up memorizing the King James Version of the Bible the similarities are close enough so that all the labor of the past is not forfeited."
Dr. Paige Patterson,
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • "I believe the NASB is the most accurate translation thus far. It's my Bible of choice, and I highly recommend it for all pastors and seminary Bible students."
Dr. Charles Stanley
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta
President, In Touch Ministries
  • "The New American Standard Bible has set the standard for faithful Bible translations for a generation. It is the favorite of so many who love the Bible and look for accuracy and clarity in translation. The New American Standard Bible should be close at hand for any serious student of the Bible. I thank God for this faithful translation."
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • "Better than any other English translation, the Updated NASB represents the writings of the original Hebrew and Greek authors. For private study and public readings, it's unsurpassed!"

Bruce A. Ware. Ph.D.
Associate Dean, School of Theology
Professor of Christian Theology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, KY

  • "Since my seminary days, I've loved the accuracy and consistency of the NASB. It's always been a trustworthy companion, reliably revealing His truth."
Wayne Pickens
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Lagrande, Oregon
  • "The NASB is 'my' Bible, the finest and clearest of translations for inductive study. You can be sure this is the translation I recommend above all others."
Kay Arthur
Co-Founder, Precept Ministries International
  • "The NASB is an excellent translation that seeks the closest possible verbal equivalency."

Dr. R. C. Sproul

  • "I like it! I believe it to be an accurate translation of the original languages and it is easy reading."
Pastor Ulmer Marshall
Trinity Lutheran Church, Mobile, AL.
  • "I most heartily recommend the New American Standard Bible for all serious study of Scripture and doctrine. The NASB is the most accurate translation of the Hebrew and Greek into modern English. For those wishing to avoid theological confusion and doctrinal imprecision, no better tool exists than the NASB. This translation under girds all of my sermon and Bible study preparation."
Pastor Robert C. Lane
First Presbyterian Church, Madison, MS.
  • "The New American Standard Bible honors the words of Christ - "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." (Matthew 24:35) - by carefully translating the Greek text into the English language. No serious student of the Scriptures should be without the NASB on their shelf!"
Rev. Anthony Felich
Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Overland Park, KS
  • "Because of its faithfulness to the original Scriptures, I teach from the NASB exclusively."
Pastor Ron Daniel
Calvary Chapel, Cheyenne, WY
  • "Among the wide variety of English Bibles available to readers in our generation, the NASB offers the most literal translation of the text of the originals. It blends accurate scholarship with devotion and the end product is one that both informs the mind at the same time as causing the Christian to rejoice. It certainly is worthy of a place on the bookshelf of every Christian."

Dr. Robert M. Norris
Senior Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Maryland

  • In a time when there are so many translations to choose from, it is a joy to know that there is one that you know is accurate and readable. As I prepare for messages, I find without fail that the NASB has accurately and clearly translated the word or the text. It is the translation I recommend to all who ask.
Pastor Randall Morton
First Evangelical Church of Greenville, South Carolina
  • As a Bible college student I have found just how valuable an accurate translation can be. I often hear other students raise questions pertaining to differences in what their Bible translation says and what the teacher says. I have never had that problem with the NASB. If you want an accurate, trouble-free translation of God's Word, then you want the NASB. It's the perfect Bible translation for reading, for memorization, and for serious study.
Mr. Tim Sander
  • As a Bible teacher in several settings I have found the NASB to be the most accurate in its expressions of verbs: it's tenses mood and voice. As a result my study and understanding has increased and multiplied. The NASB is easy to read while maintaining the integrity of the early manuscripts. It is the Bible of choice for inductive Bible Study.
Mrs. Judy Finch
Southside Baptist Church
Director of Teacher Training and Leader Improvement Madison Baptist Assoc.
  • As a preacher, it is my desire to present the Word of God as accurately as possible to my people. The New American Standard's word-for-word translation helps me greatly in achieving that task. With the NASB, I can proclaim, "The Bible says..." with confidence.
Rev. Bob Hurd
Pastor, Beacon Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA
  • As a Bible teacher for many years, I have always believed the NASB to be the most accurate translation available. I am very pleased with the 1995 edition and use it every day in my study, and weekly Bible class. I thank you for being true to this Holy Word and for not compromising when it might have been easier and less confronting. Thank you, Lockman Foundation, for standing firm.
Murray Ashwill, Chairman
Board of Deacons, Adult Bible Teacher, Midway Road Baptist Church, Dallas, TX