Rudy Wallace (14 Dec 2011)
"Pineman - Patrick Heron and the Anti Christ"

Greetings Pineman.  When I think of Patrick Heron, and others who are digging deep into the Word, I am reminded of the verses in Daniel about knowledge increasing in the end times.  For years people have been trying to identify the anti christ and have ran the gamit from Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, Juan Carlos, Prince Charles and now President Obama.  Then we really is a "beast" out of the sea.
This beast will have supernatural powers and authority and charisma and be able to impress the world with his abilities.  We also know from the Word that angels look like us, as we can entertain angels un-awares.  The "beast" will probably look human, but will actually be a supernatural fallen angel.
Now this is just speculation, but the UFO enthusiasts are talking about craft emerging from the sea and taking flight.  Imagine if the world saw a "UFO" emerge from the sea, land in a major city and the occupant emerge and announce that he has the answers to the world's problems and a way to ensure peace in Jerusalem.  Could this be the "strong delusion" that God will send?  The delusion will be so strong that if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect.
And angels are very persuasive.  Remember the "angel" that convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?
And the world will marvel after the beast.........
Knowledge is indeed increasing!