Rudy Wallace (12 Dec 2011)
"Interesting Events in Russia...What Will "Gog" Do?"

Interesting Events in Russia...What Will "Gog" Do?
Interesting events are going on in Russia as I post.  Seems the people do not want Putin to make a return to power.  This will not set well with "Mr. Ego" who has placed photos of himself fishing with his shirt off and riding a horse shirtless, in the newspapers and other silly antics to show he is "cool", still young and in good shape, in order to try and court the young vote.  But the people are saying, NO!!!, loud and clear, and are not accepting the results of an obvious sham election. 
But will Putin back down or will he call out his boys on the protesters?  Or will he attempt to show his power by fulfilling Ezekiel chp. 38 and 39?
I don't know for sure, but it not that far fetched.  He may have an "evil thought" and have "hooks" placed in his jaws, and go down to the mountains of Israel to remove the "problem", (or so he thinks), to show he is in control
regardless of the opposing protesters.
Keep an eye on this story.