Rowina (7 Dec 2011)
"Re Barry A's description of the rapture"

That was an enlightening commentary on what the rapture will be like, which appeared today on Doves (Dec. 5, 2011)

Stan Deyo has an interesting comment on this same subject, whether people will easily recognize the Lord when He descends to call His bride up to Him.
Stan says that we are told not to look everywhere for Him, responding to reports that He is "here" or "there", but to remember the Biblical description that
He will come "as the lightening comes from East to West".   This implies speed, quickness of appearing.

I believe that Jesus can appear to everyone on earth at the same time.  I do not think He needs to go from town to town to invite people to come up to Him.
But I do believe as you do that He will invite us to join Him in the clouds.  Will it be voluntary, as you suggest?

On that last point I am not too sure, because when I had my rapture vision years ago, I was suddenly grabbed by the chest and transported.  It
was such an exhilarating experience that I certainly was "willing".  There was no fear, only joy.  I never got to the "clouds" with Him, as this was a trial run for me to see what it would be like.  So I am not sure any of us need make the "decision" at that time, and yet there may be a few last ones who do make that decision in the twinkling of an eye, some
who had not planned to go, or that they would be taken, but suddenly see Him calling and say, "that's for me.  Let's roll!"

Some do say that the Rapture will have us instantly translated into another world, without a feeling of "going".  We are just suddenly there, in the twinkling of an eye, in our reconstituted bodies.  That could be, too, but I think from my own experience that there will be a sense of rushing through the air to join Him "in the clouds", where the risen dead will have gone first.  This would more closely conform, as you said, to the angels' description of how He will return in the same way that he went.

It's a marvelous picture of what is to come!  It will be some hayride!   (I guess I think of a hayride because when I had my vision of this, I was driving a cart with two horses, and was suddenly grabbed out of it by the chest.  My husband was sitting in the back in a comatose state, wrapped in "grave clothes", although at that time he was actually quite alive, which portended that he would be "in the cart" too at the time I left.