Rowina (6 Dec 2011)
"To Charles, about her ultimatum"

It's a drag that your wife said she'd leave if you mentioned being a Watcher one more time.
Because now you have a perfect set of scriptures to hand her, from Gina McCray on Doves today, December 5.
About how Watching is commanded by the Lord.

Yet I feel you must not "depart" from your wife and son!  What she is asking of you would be considered blessed by some men.  It's relative!  Some men would be glad if their wives put up a Christmas tree, just because it's come to signify the birth of Christ.  It may have been a pagan symbol to start, eons ago, but that time is long past.
Today, Christians fight secular authorities to be allowed to put up Christmas trees.  Because it is a symbol of Christ's birth in our time.

Now Santa Claus is a more serious problem, but that too might be remedied if you told the child the story of the original St. Nicholas.  He was a bishop who was especially
concerned with providing dowries to young women in his diocese who had not dowries; because of the custom of the time, they had to bring material things to marriage,
and some could not marry because they were poor.  He was a benevolent bishop.  Some churches even include remembrance of him, by having an actor play him at
Christmas time.  It is questionable whether he was fat like Santa.  Probably not.  In the church I attended in Seattle, he was played by a tall thin man.  Tell your son about
the kindness and consideration of St. Nicholas to young women in his diocese.  Maybe that is a made-up story too?  Well, maybe not, and it's a sweet story to tell a young
man like your son, and your wife might overhear.

I wish I could tell my grandsons that Santa Claus isn't true, but I've been warned like you to back off!  However, the older boy already found
out from the kids at school that Santa Claus is a myth.  The younger one still hangs on to Santa, but he will learn too.  My younger grandson already found out about God
from the kids at school, the same way I did when I grew up in an atheist home.  Trust Him for His Christmas blessing.