Rowina (27 Dec 2011)

I have an antique menorah from Rome.  My Presbyterian grandma brought it home on a trip to Europe,
having found it in an antique store.  It was already old when she bought it.

My menorah is not a Hannakiah with 9 lights.  It is an everyday menorah with 7 lights.  All of the seven
candle holders are of equal height.  I never noticed before that this was the case, since the issue arose.
I have no idea why this is, but just thought I'd throw it out there.  

I think that if Obama's menorah was altered, it was to save him from the remote possibility of being burned by the flames.
that is, if he lighted it himself.  He could more easily grasp the central candle if it were not in the row of candles.

I wonder if there is an accurate picture online of the "original" Menorah in the temple at the time of Jesus.  Probably
any pictures of that are drawn from an artist's imagination as to the height of the candles.  But it might be worth looking for.

My guess is that Obama had nothing to do with the menorah prepared for him to light.  Which is not to approve of his policies.

Also I am wondering how many candle-holders the menorah in the Temple had.  Did it have 9 like the Hannukiah?