Robin Wester (17 Dec 2011)
"2 Prayer Req"

Please keep Brandon in your prayers,  he is home which is a miracle,  but he is still in SO  much pain,  with broken pelvis,  broken tail bone and 2 fractured lower vertebra.  Please pray that somehow there willl be some breakthroughs in his pain management plan and  continued healing in his body.

Please keep my aunt in your prayers,   she successfully completed lung surgery as well as chemo and radiation for a type of lung cancer thought to have come from handling clothes with asbestos in it.    She was making great but slow improvements,  and suddenly came down with some sort of infection in the scar tissue in her lung which put her in intensive care for many weeks and she nearly died from it.    It has been quite a struggle since she returned home and the  doctor yesterday gave them some news they really did not want to hear - saying in his experience with other patients with this condition/infection - he would say that she had aprox 6 months to live.

My uncle and her say they are not simply accepting this prognosis,  since they know her Saviour Jesus Christ holds that key to her life and her eternity,  and will continue to push for healing - but at the same time they are prepared for when Jesus calls either of them home.   Please keep them in your prayers.

God Bless