Robin Wester (12 Dec 2011)
"Re: Prayer Request for Young Man in Accident"

Brandon was released TODAY - Sunday - will go home and start some outpatient rehab. Halleluia to the Lamb of God !!   What an absolutely amazing thing.  Thank God in Heaven and thank you all for your prayers.   Please continue to pray that the Lord our God will finally gain the attention of his mother and her husband and the rest of Brandon's family, and that the Lord will have full attention of my nephew, and bring their new Baby Avery into the world safe and sound here in the next couple of days.


God Bless,



My nephew's brother, in an accident where the truck rolled 4-5 times down the hwy after missing a cement culvert by 10 ft the roof caved in 6 inches from his body, hood jammed up into the passenger area, flown to Pitt Trauma center with a broken pelvis, ribs, tail bone, beat up head and body - cuts in his side, will be released in a day or two with no surgery - some rehab and therapy from home......Prayers of the saints, to the Most High God - YES, OUR GOD LIVES AND LOVES !!! PRAISE HIS NAME FOREVER !!