Reni (9 Dec 2011)
"Rapture Experience"

Have loved hearing about several of you having “Rapture Experiences”!  I have held off sharing my own, but will now. I recorded it in my “Miracle Journal”.
June 24th, 2010: I was lying on my bed, on my back when suddenly starting at my toes, & moving upward, my body was turning into “golden twinkles”, like Tinker Bell in  the Peter Pan story.
At the same time, my body started feeling like it was lifting off the bed, along with the glory twinkles.  I said out loud, “OH my! I’m either dying or this is the * RAPTURE! * Hallelujah!!!  As soon as I said that,
I seriously felt like my body plopped back on the bed with a thud, as though it had risen 2 or 3 feet!  That experience has certainly made me look forward even more so, to the glorious
Hope & seeing Jesus!