René de Jonge (24 Dec 2011)
"A reaction to Jeff Crisp's 26th december destruction"


I'd like to give a reaction to the 26th december possible destruction date.

I think it is very well possible because:

We have had 3 mayor earthquakes caused by Elenin with a 188 day interval.

Conceptione to christ church was 188 days, and from Christ Church to Sendai
Japan where also 188 days so we where at 376 on the 11th of march.

Now on the 26th of december it has been exactly 666 days from the first
earth quake.

Also the midst of Hanukah is christmas eve the 24th at around 17:00
Jerusalem time and at that point we have a new moon and almost a solar

Also 3x 188 days would bring us to september the 15th where nothing
happened, BUT 100 days after sept 15th is december the 24th.

December the 24th is also 41,14 weeks after Sendai!  This time is a almost
max duartion of pregnancy.

I hope and I feel that the rapture is soo close now!

Praise the Lord.

With kind regards,
René de Jonge