Rene (5 Dec 2011)
"To Mario - re: your Mom and your Brother"

I am praying for Ramona and Jose. Perhaps something in these books (below) might be of help. When I see letters of people who have loved ones fighting cancer, I try to remember to post a note about these 2 books. They have a testimony on how to get saved in both of them. Sometimes, people who are ill and not saved, won't pick up a Bible or gospel tract or listen to loved ones, but they will read a book on how to get well. Well these books also tell the reader not only ways that they can cure their disease naturally and toxin-free, but how to find the ultimate HEALER, Jesus! They were written by a Christian nurse who wanted to reach people fighting this disease with natural healing methods --- and with the gospel of Jesus. Both are available in the US at, Canada at or the United Kingdom, including New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia at  Also in Japan at and France at,  and many other countless online bookstores.  If you go to those sites, all you have to do is type in the author's name or the title of the book to bring them up. May God Bless YOU and your beloved Mom and Brother and bring them salvation!
Designer Cancer Killers
                    & Orange Wunder: God-Designed, God-Inspired To
                    Kill Your Cancer, Not You!