Rene (13 Dec 2011)
"re: Astonishing Healing Testimony"

That is an awesome testimony, but I think some people take stuff like this to the extreme. I have read horror
stories of parents whose children are diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes and REFUSING to get treatment for them, believing God would heal them, right up until the time the child ended up starving to death (yes, with that type diabetes, without treatment you do eventually starve to death). Our God is a God of healing, but often, I believe, He cooperates with physicians and nurses who help in the process of
getting us well. Sometimes He heals instantly, other times over a period of time, and other times through the medical assistance of others. That being said, I know there is a great deal of corruption in the current medical system; people who are unscrupulously pushing vaccines on a thousands of people - vaccines that can be deadly for some - just like the case where Rick Perry tried to mandate that all young girls be vaccinated with the deadly vaccine, Gardasil, because a crony friend of his working for the company that MAKES Gardasil donated $5,000. to his campaign. That was his way of "paying him back!" I could go on and on....but God DOES often use medical assistance to help us heal.