Rene (10 Dec 2011)
"Obama's Subversion"

Nothing could be more clearer than what Jim Bramlett said in his note, especially after we lost a highly-sophisticated DRONE to Iran and our military told B.O. that we could go in and get it back before it fell into the hands of the Iranians and subsequently to their friends, the Chinese!! (And the Russians!)
B.O REFUSED to let them do so! He didn't want to start a WAR with IRAN!  Poor baby!!!!
Oh horrors, that it might have offended them!!!!  Mustn't step on their toes! After all, they are working on missiles that will soon reach our borders (and Israel) to wipe out a few U.S. Cities and Israeli towns!!!  Maybe we should have called up the Israeli Knesset and asked them to go get it for us. They could have done it in a heart-beat and would have, I guarantee it with their cracker-jack pilots!
So, now our HIGH TECH DRONE is in the hands of our ENEMIES. They can  re-create them and send anything they want into our borders on un-manned DRONES - you name it - they'll do it!  They can do the same to Israel!  Thanks to a prez who is determined to destroy this nation and all that we stand for. Nothing could be more obvious. He is a muslim- socialist-marxist PLANT and he HATES AMERICA and he hates Israel!!!  How much longer will it take for Americans to open up their eyes and FIGURE THIS OUT??? When will the press come out from under their slumber and DEMAND that he be impeached for high TREASON????
Will it be too late? I pray each day that God will NOT let him do any more damage than he already has. However, if this man truly is the Man of the Hour - the AntiChrist, He is in God's will and nothing will stop him, because he has a  malignant destiny to fulfill. Which also means - the return of JESUS is very near!