Raptureman (17 Dec 2011)
"Good site that helped me"

I recomend a good website that is different from all the other.
Teh site is www.godstimeline.com.
What they teach makes good Bible sense.
There is alot to read but they have good info and charts that help.
I think they have it right.
They give scripture for there ideas.
Not like other sites that do dreams visions and satanic numbers schemes.
They talk about stuff like 21 years of Jacobs trouble and sabbath cycles.
I remember JR Church saying this long time ago.
But theyve put it together better.
I cant find anything wrong with what they teach.
They teach history of the story of Jacob and Laban from Genesis.
This matches stuff that hapenned starting with 1993 Oslo peace acords.
They expct the second coming in 2014 to begin the sabath year.
Check it out but dont expect just all talk about the rapture.
The site is heavy on the second coming, but  think the rapture is gonna happen sometime in the spring of 2012 not before.
Becasues Jesus wont leave heaven while the Devil is there acusing.
When satan cant do that, Jesus will come for rapture in midst of week.
Main point of site shows God’s kingdom coming is behind all these things.
Like teh stock market crash of 777 in 2008.
Means last 7 years of daneils seventeith week.
What they say sounds right .
I just now starting to see their point.