Randy (30 Dec 2011)
"FOCUS on the Middle East.....HEATING UP....SOON?????  2012-for SURE!"

2 articles:
Leon Panetta on CBS News:  THIS is where the US Stands!!  GOOD TO KNOW!!!!!!
Leon Panetta Quote"  A nuclear armed Iran is   "UNACCEPTABLE."  GOOD TO KNOW!!
BTW....I like Panetta.....he's one of the few Democrats I admire.  I think he is a very good Civil Servant.  For one, HE got BIN LADEN.  EXCELLENT!!!  And 2, I think he is the right guy to "lead the charge ALONG WITH ISRAEL" to go after Iran.
Article 2: 
US and Iran discuss TRIGGERS for Iran !!!
I THINK 2012 IS     T H E   YEAR  FOR THINGS WITH IRAN TO COME TO A HEAD. And it could be SOON!!   We have all been watching this develop for over 6 years now.
I have a news article on my PREDICTIONS board at home whose headline says "Iran will never negotiate away it's right to its nuclear program."  DUH!!!!!  lol.....
AND HERE WE ARE.... 6 years later.....there has been NO stopping Iran in it's pursuit of nuclear technology.  Whether it is for energy (what a joke) or for the BOMB. 
BTW.....Iran's nuclear energy site is a JOKE in the world nuclear energy development community.  Their building for nuclear energy was outdated before it began, from an article I remember reading earlier this year.  It is an old Russian model, JURY-RIGGED to be a nuclear energy site.....BOOOOOOOOM....can you say Chernobyl????? 
found the article...
2012 - The year Bible Prophecy and World Events MERGE!!!  ????? 
No matter what....it's going to be an interesting (not necessarily pleasant) year !! 
As for me:  I just want to go home!!!   I just want this waiting to be over!!
Song:  Smile:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVApAfA0iG0   GREAT SONG!!!!