R1000 (3 Dec 2011)
"Jim Bramlett   ''  country singers ''"

From  R 1000
Thank you  Jim for sharing this with us.
For myself , what the singers wear  doesn't bother me much.
I  am from eastern Canada  and was raised listening to country  et bluegrass music . The radio channel we were getting this music was from   W W V A    Wheeling ,  West Virginia .
Singers , back then, were  N O T   running on stage , in  smoke and lights and shouts and screams  and throwing blood on white pianos ,breaking guitars  or throwing them in the crowd ...  etc...
There was a crime committed on Music row.
The songs back then had a story, a message in it.
Today... too much screams and shouts and  NOISE.
Very few songs are written  today that  bring back my heart to the real country and bluegrass of yesterday.
Thank you again for sharing this with us.
In Yeshua 's  holy  N A M E
R 1000