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"Marilyn , Kevin Heckle, Lauren   :   Birth of Jesus   ?"

From   R 1000
Good day  !    Thank you to share your thoughts on this subject.  Very interesting  !
In the research to find the true birthday of Our Saviour , here on earth; I want to put in evidence the WORD  of the Bible.
We have to look at   Luke 1 : 5     Zacharia  is the father of John the baptist. His wife Elizabeth  couldn't have children.
He was serving , at the Temple,   according to his   CLASS ( Division )
Division of     A B I J A H    
Now we have to go to   1  Chron 24 : 1-  10     and it is written  the division of Abijah  was the    8  th   .
At the temple,  the services started with class  # 1    and  foward  to  24  divisions.   Comes the   8  th  division , Zacharia  was in sevice.  He had a vision  and a revelation.   Right after his services ,  he went with his wife  and we know by the scriptures  that Elizabeth got pregnant.
Luke 1  : 36   Mary is told that Elizabeth is pregnant in her   6 th month and she is told to go visit her.
Vers  39  Mary goes to see Elizabeth  and the minute she  Saw Mary , the baby she was carrying,   leaped in her womb.
If we start the services at the temple  in  april  with the starting of the years... then  the  8 th class   would be around  JUNE.
Soon after his service , Zacharia went with his wife.  John the baptist is conceaved.
Elizabeth ,  6 month later  ( dec.  )  Mary got a visit , TOO   from an angel. She goes to visit Elizabeth in her   6 th  month.
 Mary stayed there  for about   3  months   Luke  1 :  56   (  around the birth  of John  ) then Mary returned home.
Mary was then pregnant with Jesus  of   3  months  ?
Haggai 2 : 18 .... Consider now from this day forward, from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month (  Kislev... Hannukka ? )
                         from the day that the foundation of the Lord's temple was laid... consider it  !
Ver   19...             Is the   S E E D  still in the barn  ?.......
That bring us to the birth of Jesus Christ in the  Fall  of a few years before the death  of  Herod   13 march 4 BC.
My point of view is this : I mean  no harm or no confusion but...
The  KEY  word , here ,  is the  division of Zacharia    mentionned  by Luke  1 : 5
It is hard for US , humans to understand every little things gathered in the Bible  but if we put our minds and hearts to the TRUTH,  the  ETERNAL  YHWH
will add and will answer our daily prayers.
In  Yeshua 's  holy  name
R 1000